TechVaganza: 24 Hour Hackathon at DSCE Bangalore

Computer Science engineers of DSCE might not be the best when it comes to running marathons in the city, but when it came down to coding and developing for 24 hours at a stretch, the students put in all their energy into it. The 24 hour hackathon was a huge success with 30 students working round the clock to implement their ideas. 8 teams started the hackathon at 2:00 PM on 24th February, 2015 at the Microprocessors lab and ended the next day at the same time. The lab had transformed into a developer’s den, with students working meticulously on their ideas.


The theme for the hackathon was geolocation and the teams came up with some brilliant ideas ranging from hardware to software, social to utility. The students took breaks for having snacks and dinner, with coffee being in demand. There were moments when the students were sleeping on their laptops as well, but they did not lose any amount of interest and kept working at a steady pace.

The team from 6th semester, consisting of Pranay, Praveen and Nikhil developed an Android app to find you a vehicle in your local vicinity, which was complete and the judges loved their idea. Potholes are a problem in almost every city in our country, so Abhishek, Darshan and Rohan came up with an Android app that detects potholes and notifies the user of the same. Two teams developed apps to handle the college fests in Bangalore and one team developed a website to manage all kinds of events in the city, their simple UI and clean concept was well appreciated. An Android app to help the needy was developed by Diksha, Randhir and Shreyas from the 4th semester, this app can be of great use in helping homeless people. One team demonstrated the working of Raspberry Pai, a new hardware component which has created a lot of buzz in the tech world. And one idea which was inspiring was to use geolocation in finding the location of devices connected to a WiFi router, the 4th semester students studied in the 24 hours and implemented the code, to attain almost 100% success. The apps developed during the hackathon are of high quality, and we are planning to take it to the next level soon!

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