Kannedi- A virtual Kannada Editor

A virtual keyboard for Kannada literals is developed and an editor for representation of Kannada words is built on maemo platform. The objective is to generate a simple user friendly editor that help in easy generation of Kannada characters on there devices. This not only helps in messaging the Kannada but also render reading incoming message in Kannada. SMS messages in Kannada are integrated in the development.
The Kannedi includes two major modules,
1. Kannada translator
2. Kannedi
1. Kannada translator, converts English letters to Kannada letters which involve the following processes. Whenever an English character is input to the translator, the character is given as input to the automata and corresponding output from the automata is placed in the editor, for every character given as input to the automata, corresponding state change is made in the automata.
2. Kannedi, outputs Kannada text to the text widget using the Kannada virtual keyboard, which involves following processes. Whenever a key is pressed in the Kannada virtual keyboard, a button press event is created, now a check is made whether the button pressed is a functional key or a text key. If the key pressed is the functional key then the corresponding operation is performed else the pressed key id is matched against the button to character map table, and the corresponding character is sent to the text widget. While sending the character check is made whether the shift key is on or off, if the shift key is on then the upper character in the key is sent else the lower key in the button is sent.
Inputting Kannada or any other Indian language needs Keyboard driver / Input Method, which is a Software Component that interprets user operations such as typing keys.