EdiCom is a text editor which supports compilation and execution process of c or “c++” programs. It provide a facility for checking tactic and antic errors, compiling, debugging (step execution, adding breakpoints, continue with execution, adding watch window for variables in the program) and executing “c” or “c++” programs in a single editor environment. It uses inbuilt gdb to compile, debug and execute c or c++ programs. Using edicom, programmers can write, compile, debug and execute c or c++ programs in a single editor environment without the tedious of switching between editor and terminal, and need not go through a terminal typing process. Edicom has beden ported on N810 and N900 and has been tested successfully. Users of N810 and N900 can access c/c++ programs from servers on a WLAN and edit / RUN on N810/N900 and show results back to servers.


FigA.1: Edicom statup


FigA.2: error in program on compiling


Fig.A.3 prgram compiled successfully


Fig.A.4 program running in terminal mode


Fig.A.5 program running in debugging mode


Fig.A.6 dialog on occurence of scanf statement in the program


F ig.A.7 adding breakpoint at line number