mekt4Association FRUCT established in 2007 as a cross-border cooperation framework of industry and academia. FRUCT mission is to unite R&D forces of regional universities, research centers and companies to jointly perform the world-class research in ICT field.

Nowadays FRUCT is the largest independent academia-to-industry open innovation frameworks in the border region of Russia and Finland. It unites research teams from 27 organizations , including universities, R&D center of Russian Academy of Sciences and companies. The core team has over 100 researcher and developers and the network of 8 labs in Russia.

In addition FRUCT has active regional community of over 1500 followers. FRUCT runs a number of educational, research and development activities, e.g., student network in Skolkovo Innovation zone . Association FRUCT is a sister society of IEEE ComSoc in Russia, Finland, Denmark and Ukraine. FRUCT members run many projects in the field of Mobile Healthcare and Wellbeing, Cross-platform development and Qt, Mobile Linux, Internet of Things, Future services and Smart Spaces and so on.

mek3Student Nokia Developer is a Student Kingdom of enthusiast passionate mobile application developers where we get together to bring out the best of the best innovations that are possible on the capabilities of Nokia’s hand held devices.This is the forum which encourages the emerging students to get all help with respect to mobile application development and is driven completely by students.

The idea behind this forum is to reach out many universities across the globe, reach the students there, promote the opportunities on developing mobile apps which will not only serve the purpose of being a part of their academic projects but has an immense potential to reach out people across the globe and get some recognition worldwide on the innovations and inventions that are not recognized, take part in student specific events like Hackathons, newsletters, student conferences, developer days etc. Help them financially as well by monetizing their apps with proper guidelines.

This is the place to get in, develop some real world projects, with different university students as well, become a guru and get to conduct training sessions on your stronger domains too.