Make My Smart Phone Workshop at MS Ramaiah College, Bangalore

We had an amazing start for 2016 at Mobility Research Forum with Workshop about Make MySmartPhone #MySmartPhoneKit hosted at MS Ramaiah College, Bangalore India. This Workshop was about introducing the MySmartPhone Kit – a open environment for design and development of Smart devices. The Kit can be used to practically teach several subjects of engineering […]


Mobile Applications Development on Windows 10

MInnovation Hub , School of Public Health, SRM University together with Department of IT, SRM University in Association with Microsoft organized Mobile Applications Development on Windows 10 from Sep 7-9th 2015. The workshop objective was to build the capacity of the students on App development on windows platform which will help in later help the […]


One Week Internship Programme on Internet-of-Things (IOT)

Department of Computer Science & Engineering of PESITM Conducted one week Hands-on workshop and Internship programme on Internet-of-Things (IOT) from 27th July 2015 to 1st August 2015 with support from Microsoft Mobility research forum. The Internet of Things has evolved due to a convergence of multiple technologies, ranging from wireless communication to the Internet and […]


TechVaganza: 24 Hour Hackathon at DSCE Bangalore

Computer Science engineers of DSCE might not be the best when it comes to running marathons in the city, but when it came down to coding and developing for 24 hours at a stretch, the students put in all their energy into it. The 24 hour hackathon was a huge success with 30 students working […]


Hackathon at PESITM Shivamnogga

Department of Computer Science & Engineering of PESITM Conducted 12 hour App development Hackathon on April 25th 2015 from 8 AM to 8 PM. The event was supported by Microsoft Mobile University relations program. Chief Guest Mr. K. R. Rajasekhar, Head, Prime Movers Group, Shivamogga inaugurated the Hackathon event and conveyed that such events will […]


Shaping for increased collaboration across network of Mobile innovation laboratories for 2015

Mobility Research Forum is a network of Mobile Innovation Laboratories established at each participating university, where a dedicated faculty member/s along with group of students teach, learn, research, explore and develop mobile applications for smartphones. The purpose of this site is for showcasing and sharing our learnings in using Mobile devices and technologies as medium […]


Kannedi- A virtual Kannada Editor

A virtual keyboard for Kannada literals is developed and an editor for representation of Kannada words is built on maemo platform. The objective is to generate a simple user friendly editor that help in easy generation of Kannada characters on there devices. This not only helps in messaging the Kannada but also render reading incoming message in Kannada. SMS messages in Kannada are integrated in the development.



Nightingale is a browser that uses voice based interface in addition to the traditional touch and keyboard based interfaces for navigating through the Internet browsers.The voice based navigation is done in a domain independent way i.e. irrespective of the website the user wishes to navigate.



EdiCom is a text editor which supports compilation and execution process of c or “c++” programs. It provide a facility for checking tactic and antic errors, compiling, debugging (step execution, adding breakpoints, continue with execution, adding watch window for variables in the program) and executing “c” or “c++” programs in a single editor environment. It […]